How to install DigitalTV yourself?

Please note! This set of instructions is only applicable IF

  1. You are not eligible for the Digital TV Starter Kit (IMDA Digital TV)
  2. You have more than one TV at home

So, how do you switch to Digital TV in Singapore?

3 items to purchase (recommended links are via Lazada, just because they are less confusing to use than Qoo10).

Wait for items to arrive (usually within 1 week), and get ready 2 x AAA battery for set top box remote control.

Installation process

  1. Unbox everything
  2. Connect antenna to set top box (the wire comes with antenna)
  3. Connect set top box to TV (using hdmi cable)
  4. Plug in set top box to wall power point
  5. Turn on TV and set top box
  6. Use TV remote – press (input/source) button on TV until you can see set top box menu
  7. Use set top box remote – the set up menu will appear and you can auto scan for channels

After all channels found, the installation is complete, and you can use remote for set top box to change channels and volume.

The TV remote can be kept away.

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