Free Simple Database Software? How about using Airtable?

Airtable is an online application that allows you to easily create free* easy to use database system that is hosted online.

The ability to set up records easily, do linking between tables, adding attachments, using formulas (similar to excel) offers you and your team lots of flexibility in configuring the database to your own needs.

Linking between Tables mean you no longer need to type in the same set of data repetitively. Once you have your Table system properly thought out and configured, wherever you need the data already entered, simply do a Linking.

This video shows a basic set up and linking of tables.

Not only that, with the Airtable system, you are also able to create different types of views. Not justĀ  a standard spreadsheet table view.

You can create Calendar View and Kanban View as well.

Forms can be easily set up to collect data for your database.

Check out this video tutorial below to see how to Insert Attachment and Add Date Field into Airtable.

* Free usage is up to 1200 records per database. You can upgrade from US$10 per month per user.

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