Is FIMI PALM the perfect video tool for Property Agents?

The FIMI PALM is a palm-sized video recorder with a 3-axis gimbal system that weighs only 120g. It was launched recently, and has been regarded as a keen competitor of the DJI OSMO POCKET.

FIMI PALM is very suitable for casual vloggers, home-makers, and after reviewing a unit ourselves – Property Agents should find this to be a very useful tool as well!

This device is easy to use. Only 2 buttons.

Just turn it on, and start recording. There is literally nothing else you need to attach or “pair” with the device, not even your phone, i.e. there is no need to use mobile app to use the FIMI PALM.

Property Agents are always in a rush for time, handling viewings, or doing negotiations, doing research on property markets, attending CPD courses.

What we want is EASY, GOOD (and hopefully “CHEAP”), and it just has to WORK!

Size comparison – FIMI PALM vs Samsung Galaxy S6

The FIMI PALM offers 4k quality video at up to 30fps, which is good enough for real estate videos.

There is a in-built mic which is “reasonably good” for simple marketing videos. If you wish to have higher quality audio, you can also plug in your own microphone, either USB-C or 3.5mm type of mics.

Add-on Base – to split USB-C into USB-C and 3.5mm mic in jack

Another key advantage of the FIMI PALM for Property Agents is the wide angle lens. It covers 120 degrees angle. For real estate photos and videos, having wider angle of view is always preferred when doing a walk-through presentation of the interior space. Do take note that if you need to show smaller objects (knobs, switches, etc) by moving nearer, there will likely be a minimal distance to be in focus.

From FIMI PALM website

Most of the internal settings can be set on AUTO mode

This way, Property Agents don’t need to attend lengthy courses or watch YouTube tutorials just to be able to shoot with this device. If you know how to shoot video with your phone, you can easily shoot with the FIMI PALM.

Since the FIMI PALM is a 3-axis gimbal camera, you have very stable footage and you can give an audio narration overview whilst walking around the property.

There is no need to setup tripod, slider or other bulky equipment. Just stand at the doorway or corner of a room and pan (left-right) or tilt (up-down) using the 5-way joystick.

The internal battery can last 240mins on a single charge and you can charge FIMI PALM using normal USB-C, which means you can easily charge it inside the car or using a powerbank (even while recording video).

Professional videographers typically use more bulky cameras and take a long time to set up for the shoot. The quality may be better but sometimes we need to learn how to create content ourselves in a fast and easy way, so that we can start the marketing as quickly as possible. Delaying marketing due to photo / video-shoot schedule also mean the property may be vacant for longer periods.

And if you wish to take some photos for higher resolution purpose for property portals, FIMI PALM can do that, and even better, it can take “PANORAMA” automatically.

With the FIMI PALM, Property Agents can now become “content creators”, record video walkthrough of properties, and allowing for “virtual viewings”.

The mobile app is called FIMI PLAY

If used with a smartphone and the FIMI PLAY app, it can be used to change settings for the FIMI PALM. It can also become a live-view screen to check your angles.

FIMI PALM allows for wireless connection to your phone (via WIFI), unlike OSMO POCKET which requires a direct physical connection (unless you purchase a wireless add-on).

Package Deal – FIMI PALM with case and acccessories

Currently, with this package, you get a nice sturdy protective case, the FIMI PALM, extension base and wired mic for less than S$300. Take note you will need to get your micro-sd card. We recommend this micro-sd card as Sandisk is a reputable brand and the V30 speed is suitable for 4k video recording.

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