Spreadsheets on Steroids

Another good tool which has developed into a great tool during the Covid-19 period is JotForm.

Now, it has a JotForm Table function, becoming a competitor to AirTable.

If you are not familiar with AirTable, please check out these AirTable introduction videos.

JotForm Tables allow input and management of data in a flexible, fluid manner.

It’s primarily for advanced data management. Most users who are using Spreadsheets will understand the limitations of “collaboration” and “linking”.

Within a single spreadsheet, you need to type the same information multiple times. Using a Tables Database system such as AirTable and JotForm, you can CROSS-LINK the related information, offering easy drop-down selections. The functions of adding attachments also offer greater control and convenience in data management.

Easy to add attachments into your Table

Users can now easily collaborate within a team, using “Access Control” systems.

Sharing & Access Control Settings within JotForm

Since the base system for “Tables” in AirTable and JotForm Table is still essentially a spreadsheet, the formula functions of a spreadsheet remains readily available when needed, so you can use some simple automation together with a database structure.

JotForm has offered many basic templates to you to easily start off your data management process.

Tables are essentially “Spreadsheets on Steroids”!

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