The New Virtual Reality “Fly-Through”

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a company from Singapore that has set up an interesting application.

This is a “Virtual Fly-Through” system that can be used to showcase properties, especially apartment interiors.

Okay, yes.

VR Tours are nothing new already.


Let us show you some images first.

Now, you can check out the exact “as-is condition” of the apartment in the video below

The difference is that the Virtual Reality System allows for BOTH “blank canvas” and “virtual decor”, and it’s actually very realistic.

Potential viewers can now see (feel/visualise) for themselves the layout for the apartment by using an app to control the walk-through.

Furniture can be inserted into blank canvas to have a sense of space and size.

We think this tool is a big advantage for real estate professionals, property owners, interior designers.

Some properties may be “harder” to sell due to interior condition, but have a good location, and seller is realistic on price. If we (as Property Agents) simply take some photos of dark and messy rooms, it’s not going to attract viewers.

Of course the best way is to advise the seller to do a repainting and decluttering exercise, but every own-stay seller will have practical limitations on how much work can be done. The time, effort, coordination to move out, fix up, move back, replace might involve multiple parties and seller need to take leave from work to attend to all these?

This Virtual Fly Through system only need 1 floor plan and 1 on-site session and the team is able to generate

  1. 3D Floor Plan
  2. Photos (empty apartment – look like brand new)
  3. Photos (virtual staged apartment)
  4. Video (empty apartment)
  5. Video (virtual staged apartment)
  6. Virtual Walk Through (similar to “Counter-Strike” First Person Shooter)

You can find this incredible team at

You are welcome.

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