Where can you find cheap Freehold Properties in Singapore?

Are there any more “cheap” freehold properties in Singapore anymore?

Recently, there was much discussion about 99 years leasehold properties in Singapore.

The main concern for most people was what would happen when the leases for public housing (HDB) properties run out. Will there be any “enbloc” redevelopment schemes available for such property owners?

Occasionally, we get enquiries on whether it’s possible to find freehold properties that are cheaper than 99 years leasehold.

So, we decided to do a quick research and here are the results

Summer View

A freehold property had 2 transactions in 2018 at below S$650psf

Crystal Lodge

Built in 2001, had 1 transaction in 2017 below $660psf, see for sale in Crystal Lodge

Seraya Court

Located around Katong / Haig Road vicinity, transacted in 2017 (1 unit) for less than $690psf

Okay, these 3 properties are all located more to the eastern part of Singapore.

How about some prime areas such as “District 9 and 10” you ask.

Sure! drop us a message and we will send you the data via email =)

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