Getting Organised, Staying “Afloat”

This is an extremely challenging period for business owners and freelancers. Many jobs have stopped. Everything has come to a standstill. There’s still rent, utilties, subscriptions and other bills to pay.

Yes, there’s help from the Government, but not everyone will want be eligible for such assistance.

In a time of great uncertainty, we need to refocus our minds on the positives, continue to be grateful for what we already have – health, family, friends, shelter, food (basic), clean clothes, etc.

F . L . O . A . T . SYSTEM

Today, we discuss a technique called the F.L.O.A.T. System that may be useful for yourself or your company. Hope this help to keep your mind away from all the negative news.

F – Folder open => one new folder for one new case.

L – Label => label front of folder (property name) and use a cover page (basic info such as clients’ particulars, cobroke, important dates).

Photo by Eli Lune from Pexels

O – Organise => the filing structure within folder should be in chronological order and you can include a side clear pocket for loose odd shaped papers (receipts, warranty cards, etc). Agent should only hold photocopies, and not originals. Originals should always be handed over to the clients.

A – Archive => for closed cases (end of sale process or end of lease term) to be clearly indicated and can then be handed to assistant for digital archiving.

T – Throw => after digital archiving has been completed, the folder should be shredded and thrown away.

Take Note! If you have any intention to recycle the papers, make sure that they do not possess personal information such as NRIC, so as to conform to privacy protection laws.

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