Self-Improvement Ideas during Circuit Breaker

This period of “circuit breaker / lockdown” can be used for Self-Improvement, and here are some specific things that Property Agents can try.

During this period (until 1st June in Singapore), non-essential business activities are suspended, everybody is discouraged from leaving house except from essential activities (such as buying food), we have prepared a short list of things you can do to come out of this crisis, better smarter stronger!

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

As property agents (salespersons) where our jobs are to interact, network, meet people, have discussions, what can be done?

1. Re-Organise (or even just to start being organised)

It may seem like a huge load of files, clutter, notes which are “all over the place” and you don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath, and don’t overthink it. Do a small bit everyday.

Take a photo of before-after!

After 3 days, do a review, see what you have accomplished, and plan ahead for another 3 to 5 days. Remember to take breaks in between. Reward yourself for the job well done! You may not be able to complete everything, but at least once you start to get a system (and habit) of being organised in a particular manner, it will be easier to continue, even after the lockdown is lifted.

2. Up-skill (marketing, computing, photography, video, negotiation, etc)

Unfortunately the library is closed, but you still have easy access to lots of useful materials online. Singapore has digital library. Consider signing up for online classes (such as udemy or skillshare). Check out some of the free classes within skillshare. YouTube offers lots of useful tutorials as well, but you might get lost in the deep hole of search and browse. If you can stay focused and not be distracted by other online sites, videos, links that do not contribute to your skills improvement, much can be achieved using online platforms.

3. Learn new tools (digitalisation, process automation)

This covid-19 crisis has affected the whole world! International trade, business and transport have all been hit hard. Together with the crisis, comes opportunities. The world will transform from the past ways of “on-site” activities to become very accustomed to “off-site” communications. The use of zoom, meetup, webex type of tools have offered teams the ability to work from (out of office), and since it’s prove that this manner of working can “work”, then why shouldn’t it be continued even after the crisis ends? Especially when the lifting of the circuit breaker measures are bound to be gradual, so it’s likely that workplaces are not going to be 100% staffed when people are allowed to return to their offices.

The companies that did not have digital media, tools, documents are likely to have a very hard time adapting during this crisis. Workplaces that require staff to be on-site for manual repetitive work will need to “catch-up” with their backlog once the circuit breaker measures are lifted. However, if viewed positively, these challenges now offer the perfect settings for companies for embark on a much needed change in their workflow from traditional paper and notes to full digital (online collaboration).

4. Continue to communicate with team and clients (zoom, skype, group chats)

Before this Covid-19 pandemic, Property Agents (as salespersons) were typically working out of office, and already considered as highly mobile workers, often working from cafes, clients’ offices, from home, etc. Many already possess the necessary skill sets and tools to operate away from office.

The important thing now is to find ways to continue keeping in touch with your clients, and assisting them with necessary information and market updates pertaining to real estate, and other relevant matters (where possible).

Sometimes, clients might be too busy to fully understand the restrictions put in place or the details of specific guidelines. This presents a great opportunity for sharing of useful covid-19 infographics that can help communicate the new measures to everybody more easily.

5. Refresh & Rejuvenate

Use this “down-time” to create a fresh new habit / routine for a healthier you!

  • Early rest, early rise – less use of blue light activities (for better sleep routine), and waking up early is good for clear and fresh thoughts (generate new ideas!)
  • Exercise daily – follow online fitness instructional videos, just 20-30 minutes a day to help sweat and refresh the mind.
  • Be mindful of the work area – ergonomic, comfortable, lighting should be suitable for reading, temperature controlled
  • Afternoons can be useful for group discussions, re-organise ideas, staying updated on news
  • Evenings should be used for relaxation, enjoy cooking and dinner with family, watch a show together, read and play games

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