Using Zapier to automate data (entry, process, analysis)

Zapier is Awesome! And it can help save you so much time!

But more importantly

  • Is it easy?
  • Is it useful for Real Estate Agents?

What exactly is Zapier?

Zapier is the “glue” that connects more than 1000 web apps

It’s an automation tool that can link up the different online applications that you are already using.

Getting “clean data” out of your emails

You might be using Gmail, and you receive lots of repetitive emails (bills, enquiries, contracts, etc).

  • Bills – related to business or property expenses
  • Enquiries – from property portals, referrals, past clients
  • Contracts – existing transactions

And you are thinking of a way to “collect and organise” these information properly. Perhaps,  you thought “labels and folders” was the way to organise?

Well, yes … but!

You now have the ability to Transfer/Transform Data from email into a spreadsheet (such as Airtable) which will offer much more functions for control, organising, automation, retrieval and re-production.

Using specific formula in a spreadsheet to

  1. Control the dates
  2. Split data cells, extracting only the necessary
  3. Applying relevant tags or @mentions for your team users’ attention

An example

Below, we show how the data from Gmail can be => sent through Zapier => into Airtable.

Airtable will then auto-calculate some important dates based on the formula you input.

And send the data through Zapier into Google Calendar, which can be preset with email/pop-up reminders.

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