Airtable for Real Estate Salespersons – Get Things Done!

Airtable is an online database system that’s very easy to use.

We recently tested this system to see how it works and discovered many strong points about Airtable.

  1. Hosted online, easy to access, login via Google account
  2. Easy to setup, cross linking between different tables is easy to understand
  3. Having coloured options in drop lists is useful

Essentially, it’s similar to “Excel / Access” Database, but without the tedious work for server setup and coding for user-interface.

The user-interface is truly the big winner for Airtable, the ability to simplify such database systems for easy learning and use.

Users, after spending a few days to go through some samples, will be able to customise their own, according to their exact needs.

Check out this video below – it’s a short introduction video tutorial on how to setup Airtable for Real Estate Salespersons.

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