How to solve your Water Leakage problems (concealed pipe)

We have encountered LOTS of water leaks over the years. We are not referring to the typical faucet leaks. We are referring to the types where you have absolutely no clue where the leak is coming from.

Through the years of maintenance works we do via Property Management, we have learned to identify certain clues that help identify the source of water leakages.

There are many professionals that will be able to use tools to identify the leaks as well.

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Water Leakage in Condominium

Here are some tips that you may consider to evaluate in future.

The potential sources of water leaks are:

  1. Incoming water pipe (from mains into apartment)
  2. Outgoing waste water pipe
  3. Aircon (usually the drainage pipe)
  4. Water heater
  5. Building rainwater downpipe
  6. External roof or wall

Use newspapers to lay on the floor near the leak to help identify the most likely spot of water leak – this is not the source, but a good point to start tracing from.

We recommend NOT RUSHING to a conclusion too quickly, as there have been many instances in the past when contractors “thought” the source was from one point, but eventually turned out to be from another.

The nature of water leaks makes it much more challenging than other repairs in the property.

It is necessary for all parties involved to be mindful that the correct solution will take some time to test and evaluate (and even doing double-checks).

Thereafter the necessary repairs can be done smoothly and easily, minimising the possibility of errors and inconvenience for all parties.

Some repair methods for water leaks (inter-floor) can be found from HDB website.

Ceiling Leak Repair – Video

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